A HUC Delegation at NAF in Norway

Recently, a group of academics from HUC's departments of Tourism and Aquaculture & Fish Biology visited The University College of Southeast Norway‘s Campus in Bø, Telemark.  The purpose of the trip was to confer with collegues involved in the two institutions‘ joint projects, as well as to participate in the Northa Atlantic Forum.
The North Atlantic Forum is a network  for academics as well as various other  professionals and enthusiasts involved in matters regarding rural communities around the North Atlantic. The objective is to enhance crossdisciplinary cooperation and dissemination of knowledge across different communities, in order to build up strong, sustainable communities. This is, amongst other means, carried out through research and development projects, with emphazis on the cooperation of different groups representing the private sector as well as government. The network , which address is at Memorial University in Newfoundland, holds a conference biannually, and one of these was at Hólar in June 2013.
Hólar University College and The University College of Southeast Norway are cooperating in the fields of tourism and ecology, through a specific researh project on human activities and ecology in the Arctic, in which tourism services are used as an example. The two universtiy colleges are also planning on cooperation regarding postgraduate study programmes.
Dr. Skúli Skúlason, professor in the Department of Aquaculture & Fish Biology, was  one of the keynote speakers at the conference, at which another four of our staff gave presentations.
The Hólar delegation used the opportunity to visit the UNESCO heritage sites in Rjukan & Notodden.
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