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A visitor from Poland

Hólar University College had the pleasure of receiving a visiting Professor from the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw (AWF), Dr. Wojciech Szeligiewcz: 
Dr. Szeligiewcz’s education includes an M.S. in physics from Warsaw University, Ph.D. in natural sciences and habilitation in biology from Institute of Ecology Polish Academy of Sciences. He has worked at the Warsaw Institute of Aviation, Institute of Ecology Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, and Centre for Ecological Research Polish Academy of Sciences. Currently, Dr. Szeligiewcz is an Associate Professor and head of Chair of Management and Economy of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation at AWF. He lecturers on Basics of Ecology and Philosophy of Nature. He is also involved in the Bachelor Double Diploma Program that is established between AWF and Toulon University (France). Dr. Szeligiewcz’s research interests lie in mechanisms of nature functioning in the context of mathematical modeling of ecological processes as well as in the issues at the interface between ecology and tourism. 
He participated, among others, in the modeling of Aydat lake (Massif Central, France) as a part of postdoctoral training at the École Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris, and in the plankton modeling program at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University.
In 2016 he acquired a sailplane pilot license (SPL). 
During his visit he gave three presentations: 
• AWF Today: Its surrounding and a little bit about the history
• Why Antarctic? Conditions, peculiarities of life and tourism 
• A search for emergent properties of the tourist traffic 
Jessica Faustini Aquino
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