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Conference Participation

Dr Jessica Faustini Aquino has just returned from two conferences this month—TEFI10 Conference in Pyhä, Finland; and EURAM18 in Reykjavik.
From 3-6 June 2018 was the Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI): Knowing with Nature—The Future of Tourism Education in the Anthropocene. The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI), University of Lapland hosted the first TEFI conference in Finland. The conference was about the task of tourism educators in the Anthropocene and how it is no longer just to promote knowledge that contributes to minimizing the impact of tourism on the natural environment, rather, the task ahead is to support students in developing knowledge that is based on more sensitive entanglements between the Earth system and humanity. With this in mind, participants were invited to critically evaluate the status quo of tourism education and to think about avenues for collaborative ways of knowing with nature.
Dr Aquino presented on, “Environmental Education, Nature-Based Recreation, and Responsible Tourism Management: An Icelandic and Swedish Youth Nature Club Perspective”, which is based on her work with Húnaklúbburinn, a youth nature club based in Húnaþing vestra.
From June 19-22 was the European Academy of Management (EURAM): Research in Action. This was a large conference with around 1,700 participants in a variety of fields. Dr Aquino took part in a special session titled, “Management and Governance of Culture, Heritage, and Tourism.” This special session was on the applications of management to the culture, heritage and tourism of which, as a subject, it has gained an increasing relevance over the last decade. Despite such a growing body of literature, EURAM believes that the understanding of this issue is still limited and that there is several managerial and organizational challenges worth investigation. Thus, the aim of this track is to contribute to the extant debate by encouraging scholars to discuss new lines of inquiry and widen the overall spectrum of perspectives, methodological tools and expected contributions to extant literature.
Dr Aquino presented on, “Non-Profit Organizations’ Perceived Impacts of International Volunteering Efforts on Marginalized Communities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”, which is based on her PhD thesis work.
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