Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology

Hólar University has offered studies in aquaculture since 1985, initially as a specialisation within the agricultural college and since 2003 at the tertiary level. The department has built up an international center for research, education within the fields of aquatic biology, fish biology and aquaculture. It contributes towards the sustainable development of aquaculture and has participated in various developmental projects within its fields.

The department has established formal networks for research and education with various universities and research organisations, in Iceland and abroad. Students participate actively in diverse research and innovation projects, gaining practical knowledge and new insights.

Study approaches within the Department of aquaculture and fish biology emphasise strong connections with industries and an understanding of their needs, active collaboration with academic institutions and a focus on connecting research and education.

Diploma in aquaculture (90 ECTS)
M.Sc. in aquatic biology (120 ECTS)
Nordic Master Programme in Sustainable Production and Utilisation of Marine Bio resources (MAR-BIO), in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and Nord University, in Bodø, as well as in cooperation with the University of Akureyri. (120 ECTS) has been offered from 2019.