Hólar in Hjaltadalur is one of the Icelandic nation’s principal historical, cultural, and ecclesiastical sites. Hólar has been a place of learning through the ages, moving with the demands of each new era for education.
The name Hólar means hills. These are today covered with forest. Below the residential area are the meadows and fields of the horse breeding farm stretching to the river. The postcard image of Hólar is from the vantage point of the road home, with the cathedral and school building in the foreground. On the back of this postcard the residents of today are writing their chapter in the long history of Hólar.
Most of the students and employees of Hólar University and other institutions located at Hólar live in the area with their families, forming a community of roughly 200. Hólar is a popular destination for travellers, and tourist services are operated there.