Hólar University is governed in accordance with the Act on Public Higher Education Institutions, no. 85/2008.

Rector: Dr. Hólmfríður Sveinsdóttir.
The Rector is the head of the university ‘s administration and is the primary representative to individuals and institutions within and outside the university.
She manages the university’s operations and initiates the university boards’ general policymaking in all its matters; is responsible for administering and monitoring all university operations; oversees all operational and financial plans, which must be approved by the university board; and appoints all staff.

Division of Research, Innovation and Academic Affairs
The role of the division of Research, Innovation and Academic Affairs is to support and enhance the progress of research activities, innovation and teaching activities at the university.
Division responsibilities include:  

• Strengthening and supporting quality control for academic affairs within the university
• Enhancing collaborative research efforts, internally and externally
• Increasing and strengthening university efforts towards innovation and development within the industries it supports
• Designing and promoting collaborative initiatives with community and industries within applied research

Among the divisions services are the Academic Affairs Office, Research Officer, academic consultant for students and library services. 
Division contact email: 

Division of Human Resources, Quality, Finance and Operations
The role of the division of Human Resources, Quality, Finance and Operations is to strengthen the Universities ‘centralized support services in the fields of human resources, promotional efforts and operational quality, safety and strategic planning.
Division responsibilities include:  

• Human resource management
• Promotional efforts
• Accounting and financial operations
• Quality control
• General services, secretarial, computer and grounds
• Student accommodation
• Safety issues

Division contact email:
Division Head: Edda Matthíasdóttir.

Governing Council
The Governing Council formulates the University’s general teaching and research policy and determines its organisational structure. The Council shall have general supervision of the activities of university, of individual schools and academic bodies, and shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
The University Rector sits on the Governing Council and act as its Chair.
In addition to the Rector, the Governing Council is comprised of the following six members, nominated for a two-year term:

1. Two members representing the academic community, nominated by the institution’s Representative Assembly.
2. One member nominated by an institution-wide students’ union.
3. One member nominated by the Minister.
4. Two members nominated by those members of the Council already in place.

Administrative Council:
The Administrative Council consists of the rector, the heads of all departments and the two support divisions. It oversees daily operations and coordinates the work of divisions and departments.