Admission qualifications

Entrance examination for undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Equine Studies

The applicant must be able to show proficiency in riding and interaction with the horse on four gaits (pace not included).
The test assesses basic riding skills, e.g. balance, seat, use of reins, coordination of aids, timing,
sense for the different gaits and control of the horse.
School horses are used for testing and the applicant is guided through the test step by step.

The exam includes the following items:
• Preparation of horse and equipment
• Leading the horse by the side during walk and trot
• Mounting and dismounting, with and without stirrups
• Riding all gaits except pace on different riding routes, e.g. hoops and looping lines
• Showing vertical, light and posting seat
• Walk, trot and tölt riding without stirrups
• Diagonal leg yielding
• Speed changes on tölt
• Galloping within the course
• The applicant must be in an adequate physical condition (120 m timed run).

Entrance exams for studies in riding and riding instruction take place at Hólar at the end of May and/or the first half of June every year.
Exam dates are organized in accordance with applications received and it is therefore encouraged that applications be submitted as soon as possible.
Before arrival to the test, the applicant must submit a 6-10 minute video of him-/herself on horseback.

The video should showcase:
1. On an oval track (outside):
A-class, B-class, five-gait (F1) or four-gait program (V1) - see rules at
2. On a riding arena or in an open area:
All gaits except pace (including right and left side gallop) on straight and curved tracks.
Leg yielding and turn on the forehand on both sides.
Stopping and backing.

Information that must accompany the video:
Name of applicant
Horse name and IS number

Note that the applicant only submits a video with one horse and without music. Please ensure the quality of shooting and image.
The maximum length of the video is 10 min.

Video submission:
The recording is submitted as a URL to YouTube, Vimeo or similar sources.
The URL is sent to no later than at 12.00 the last working day before the applicant is due to attend the exam.

Applicants who do not have Icelandic as their first language, are required to undergo an entrance exam in Icelandic.
The aim is first and foremost, to ascertain their understanding of spoken Icelandic.