Nordic Master Program in Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bio resources (MAR-BIO)

MAR-BIO is a Nordic interdisciplinary master’s program (120 ECTS) that combines biology, oceanography, technology sciences (marine, aquaculture, and biotechnology) and social sciences (socioeconomics, law, political science, planning and communication).

The program is a collaboration of three universities, Nord University in Bodö, University of Gothenburg, or Holar University. The students enroll in the program at one home university, and then must take a minimum 30 ECTS at one of the other two partner universities:

Students need to complete 60 ECTS through course work and 60 ECTS through a research project, often undertaken in close collaboration with the private sector. During the first semester, students typically take courses at their home university along with a mandatory introductory course (15 ECTS) which is taught across all three universities, with student travel costs covered.

Students graduate from at least two partner Universities, of which one is responsible for the research project.

Depending on the master's thesis and electives, students will gain expertise in:

• marine fish, shellfish, algae biology, civil law, political science, business, and economics at the University of Gothenburg
• aquaculture, environmental interactions, marine ecology, genomics, and epigenetics at NORD University.
• aquaculture, freshwater biology, and fish behavior at Holar University.

After completion of the MAR-BIO program graduates should have acquired:

• thorough knowledge of the broader aspects of sustainable production and utilization of marine bioresources, especially within Nordic aquaculture and fisheries.
• an understanding of the impact of marine bioresources on coastal communities
• knowledge of theories on sustainability and value creation of marine bioresources
• comprehensive knowledge about scientific theories and methods in the field of marine bioresources.
• foundations of project formulation, design, and team building

Course catalog

See information on the MAR-BIO program at our two collaborative universities, University of Gothenburg and Nord University, Bodø.