B.Sc. in Riding and Riding Instruction

The B.A. program in Riding and Riding Instruction Is a three-year program – 180 ECTS credits. In addition to an Icelandic matriculation examination or equivalent, students need to pass a riding test before being admitted to the program.

The main objectives of the program are to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of taming, training, d horsemanship and riding instruction.

Courses include horse physiology, ethology and biology. Students also learn about the handling and feeding of horses, both through theoretical courses and practical training.

The historical status of the Icelandic horse is explored, and students are provided with basic education in pedagogy and research methodology, supplemented with specialized riding instructions and teaching practice. A sound scientific foundation for further studies is provided.

An emphasis Is placed on practical training through private lessons, group sessions and observation, as well as participation in shows and tournaments.

Course Catalog