About Hólar University

Hólar University is a highly specialised public university offering programs rooted in a former agriculture college, which aimed to offer education of support for rural communities. The university has evolved as a centre for education and research in three specialised and quite different fields:

• Aquaculture, fish biology and aquatic ecology.
• Equine science, riding and riding teaching.
• Tourism studies, events and hospitality management.

The universities’ main campus is situated at Hólar in Hjaltadalur, a valley in mid North Iceland with a community of 100- 150 individuals. Hólar is one of Iceland’s most historical locations with a bishopric and educational activities dating back to 1106. Thus, as a place Hólar is deeply rooted in the past and present culture of Iceland, reflecting national self-identity and enjoying respect in the society. This provides unique cultural and political grounds for Hólar University.
The setting of Hólar University provides a good environment to foster the specialisation of the programs, due to immediate access to nature and culture which are the main resources for all three disciplines taught. To ensure the applicability of the specialisation, all programs offer practical training as part of the curriculum, in close collaboration with the growing industries that the academic faculties support. Furthermore, Hólar University has a growing research profile reflecting both Icelandic and international collaboration with universities, research institutions and the industries.