Department of Rural Tourism

The Department of Rural Tourism was founded in 1996. From the beginning the emphasis has been on developing an applied academic program with strong ties to communities and industry, providing employment opportunities and professional networks for graduates, as well as opening doors towards further postgraduate studies in Iceland and abroad.

Five out of six programs within the department include vocational training in their curriculum. Two programs include ranger licensing.

Diploma in event management (60 ECTS). Students can use 48 of the 60 ECTS towards a B.A. degree in Tourism Studies.
Diploma in tourism (90 ECTS). Students can use 60 of the 90 ECTS towards a B.A. degree in Tourism.
B.A. in tourism studies (180 ECTS)
B.A. in tourism and hospitality management (180 ECTS)
M.A. in tourism studies (120 ECTS)
NORFI, a Nordic Master Programme in Outdoor activities (“friluftsliv”), offered in collaboration with the University of South-East Norway, the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (120 ECTS).