Development of personality in the Arctic charr – New research grant from Rannís.

The department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology received a new grant from the Icelandic Research Fund (Rannís). The project will be led by David Benhaïm (PI, HU) in collaboration with Paul Debes (HU), Katharina Bremer (HU), Zophonias Jónsson (HI) and Violaine Colson (INRAE, France). The project entitled “Development of personality in the Arctic charr” aims at investigating the development of personality traits and underlying mechanisms in the Arctic charr. Personality relates to consistent behavioural traits across time and contexts that are partly genetically determined and can be influenced by the environment experienced early in life. This is a multidisciplinary project combining behaviour, physiology, neurobiology, quantitative and molecular biology. This project will attempt to advance the knowledge in fish welfare by focusing on inter-individual differences rather than on the group.