Fyrirlestraröðin Vísindi og grautur

Heiti raðar: Vísindi og grautur
Haldið af: Ferðamáladeild Háskólans á Hólum
Fyrirlesari: Robert O. Nilsson, Umeå háskóla, Svíþjóð
Titill erindis: „Artification through naming and language use“
Tími: Fimmtudaginn kl: 09:00-10:00
Staðsetning: Hátíðarsalur, salur 202.

Arctic-related words are more frequently used by tourism entrepreneurs in the European North to name and describe their firms, products and services. How does this Arctification process through language use contribute to changing our perceptions and imaginaries of the Arctic's boundaries and its content? And how does language use influence societal structures? Especially in a case where global discourses on the Arctic including globalisation and climate change collide with local practices, narratives and traditions?

Robert O. Nilsson is a PhD candidate at the Department of Geography and is an affiliated researcher at the Arctic Research Centre (ARCUM), both at Umeå University, Sweden. His research interests include tourism- and region development especially in peripheral areas and he specializes in Arctic tourism. The theoretical approach for his thesis involves language usage – how language is used by people to conceptualize their surroundings, and how language usage impacts the perception and development of places.