Fyrirlestraröðin Vísindi og grautur

Í dag, þriðjudag 13. apríl verður sjötta erindi vetrarins í Vísindum og graut sem haldið er af Ferðamáladeild Háskólans á Hólum. Fyrirlesturinn hefst kl.13 og er á ensku. 

Zoom slóð: https://eu01web.zoom.us/j/64554917100

Fyrirlesari er Andrew Jennings, lektor við University of Highlands and Islands í Skotlandi. Titill erindisins er „Shetland tourism - What does Shetland have to offer the tourist and what has been the impact of Covid-19?“
Shetland has many things to offer the tourist, but it has natural challenges because of its geographical position and the cost of travel. The tourism industry has undertaken research about how to overcome the challenges and was hopeful for the future, and then Covid-19 struck. This has had a big impact on the island’s tourism industry. This talk will explore the current situation.

Dr Andrew Jennings is a lecturer with the Institute for Northern Studies UHI, and is based in Lerwick, Shetland's capital. He is the programme leader on the MLitt Viking Studies, Island Studies, Orkney and Shetland Studies and Highlands and Islands Literature. He has a particular research interest in the Early Medieval History of the Scottish Islands, with an emphasis on place-names and the Vikings. He wrote his PhD on 'Gael and Norse in Western Scotland c.795 to c.1000'. His other research interests include Island Studies, with a particular focus on the islands of the North Atlantic and the Baltic, the history of the North Atlantic between the years 500-1200, Norse Mythology, Folklore of the Northern Isles, Gaelic Culture, and the history of Shetland.